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Golden Apple-Staff Award

I (Andrea Lussier) would like to recognize Margaret Kuiper for the Golden Apple Award. I remember setting up my classroom to begin my teaching career at Bellevue Elementary and meeting Margaret in the hallway for the first time. She made me feel so at ease and told me what an incredible place Bellevue Elementary was to be. I knew right then that I was in a good place. 

Margaret is someone who goes above and beyond for anyone and everyone around her. She has mastered the art of being a teacher, keeping students actively thinking, engaged and continuously growing. The ability to think on her feet and fill the gaps to meet the needs of each and every one of her students truly amazes me. Anytime I find myself down in her hallway passing her classroom, I see students excited about learning and growing brain wrinkles. The very clear classroom expectations and procedures she has implemented with her students is very evident.

When I started at Bellevue, Margaret was my mentor. She checked in with me, praised me, taught me new strategies and was always there for me anytime I came to her with a question or in need of advice. To this day, she continues to encourage me and be a shining light of positivity anytime I see her. It is no secret that Margaret is incredible with teaching math. She has given me many math ideas, games & active engagement strategies for my own classroom when it comes to math that I am forever grateful for. I have seen the difference it has made in my teaching, my students’ learning and the overall engagement of my classroom. 

It is incredible the academic and emotional difference Margaret is able to make in her students’ lives. She continues to step up and help the building in any way that she can. Margaret is an active member in our school through her work with PBIS & Bellevue Believers. In addition, she helps tutor students 1-on-1 after school. I am so thankful to have a colleague like Margaret. Bellevue is very fortunate to have her!